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Watch Suede’s New Video ‘For The Strangers’

Suede debuted a black and white concert video promoting their new single, ‘For The Strangers,’ at their Live By The Lake gig last Friday, August 23. The video is now available to view online. Though live music videos are not an original concept, producer Ben Lankester’s video features footage, taken from Suede’s triumphant comeback gig at Alexandra Palace in March of this year, which perfectly captures the excitement of seeing them live. Footage of the band performing the song on stage is juxtaposed with shots of enraptured fans singing along with every word. ‘For The Strangers’ will be the third single from their newest album, Bloodsports. The single will be released in digital format in October, and it will include two new b-sides, ‘Darkest Days’ and ‘Human Tide.’ Watch the video below.

It was also just revealed that Suede will be releasing The Vinyl Collection, a box set of all six of their studio albums (Suede, Dog Man Star, Coming Up, Head Music, A New Morning, and Bloodsports), as well as their b-side compilation, Sci-Fi Lullabies, all remastered. This will be the first time that A New Morning and Sci-Fi Lullabies will be released on vinyl. The Vinyl Collection is a high collectible item and will be numbered and limited to just 1.500 copies. The set price will include instant access to digital copies and a collectible book featuring new interviews and photographs. Watch the trailer for the vinyl collection below, and you can pre-order it here. Its release date is October 21. Note that the records do not include the bonus content featured on the reissue sets.


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