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Watch Suede’s New Video For ‘Hit Me’

Suede’s third video from their latest album, Bloodsports, debuted today. ‘Hit Me’ takes its cue from Art Brut’s signature song: ‘modern art makes me want to rock out.’ A couple gets to know each other through wanton acts of vandalism in an art museum. Superfluous moustaches and Hitler defacements abound. Destruction of the modern art installations is particularly satisfying, as the duo aim to do a Jackson Pollock against one wall and then tip over a Damien Hirst-like tank of rubber duckies. Clearly they have left millions of pounds of damage, but, hey it’ll be something to tell the grandkids! Note, the video plays like a prequel to ‘Can’t Get Enough.’ Watch both videos below and compare.

‘Hit Me’

‘Can’t Get Enough’


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