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Watch Suede Live At Benicassim 1997

This weekend would be a great time to enjoy this video of Suede live at the Spanish festival Benicassim from 1997. While aspects are a bit rough (the sound and image quality is shaky, and Brett is bordering on trainwreck here), the music is still fantastic. The band highlighted a mixture of old hits like ‘Animal Nitrate’ (‘he’s just a blithering animal’) off their debut and Dog Man Star, as well as songs that were fairly new at the time from Coming Up. The set is predominantly made up of singles with the unfortunate inclusion of the tedious b-side, ‘Implement Yeah!’ And, I think we can all agree at which point the drugs kicked in.

She  |  Trash  |  Lazy  |  Animal Nitrate  |  By The Sea  |  So Young  |  The Wild Ones  |  Saturday Night  |  Metal Mickey  |  New Generation  |  Implement Yeah!  |  Picnic By The Motorway  |  Europe Is our Playground


Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993

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