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Watch Radiohead Live at Reading 1994

Radiohead put on a great performance at their first appearance at Reading Festival in 1994. The band were scheduled to play the previous year but had to cancel due to singer Thom Yorke’s laryngitis. They agreed to perform at the festival in 1994 but were quite nervous about it. The band all considered this to be their most important appearance of the summer.

They open with a lovely a capella version of a Tim Buckley song called ‘Sing A Song For You’ before launching into a collection of songs from Pablo Honey and The Bends. Watch the full set below:

Sing A Song For You (Tim Buckley cover)  |  Bones  |  You  |  Ripcord  |  Creep  |  My Iron Lung  |  Prove Yourself  |  The Bends  |  Inside My Head  |  Maquiladora  |  Just  |  Pop Is Dead  |  Anyone Can Play Guitar


Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993

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