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Watch Johnny Marr at Glastonbury 2013

It took legendary guitarist Johnny Marr twenty-five years to release a bona fide solo album, but this year’s The Messenger was worth the wait. While we’re probably most familiar with the dulcet sounds of his Smiths compositions, he clearly has had nary a moment without some musical project since then. From Electronic to his own band, The Healers, and his work with U.S. indie band Modest Mouse to Wakefield’s The Cribs, he has been consistently on the scene for the past thirty years. The guitar god spent the summer doing the festival rounds in promotion of his latest album. Here is his performance from Glastonbury 2013. The set consists of a good number of solo songs, a nice amount of Smiths songs, and the Electronic hit, ‘Getting Away With It.’ Watch the full set below.

The Right Thing Right  |  Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before  |  Upstarts  |  Sun And Moon  |  The Messenger  |  Generate! Generate!  |  Bigmouth Strikes Again  |  Word Starts Attack  |  New Town Velocity  |  Getting Away With It  |  How Soon Is Now?  |  There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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