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Watch Damon Albarn’s ‘Mr Tembo’ Video + Gorillaz News

damonWhile Blur fans are coming to terms with the fact that we can’t expect a follow-up to 2003’s Think Tank any time soon, Albarn fans may be excited to learn that a new Gorillaz album is more than likely. Albarn told the NME that an album will ‘definitely happen in the future.’ He told the magazine, ‘I can definitely see another Gorillaz-esque record at some point…I could put a Gorillaz record out next week; I’ve got enough stuff I haven’t finished.’

Speaking about his well-publicized falling out with artist Jamie Hewlett, he said, ‘There are points in every relationship where they fall out with people they’re closest to and then they reconcile, hopefully, and actually, you know the relationship’s probably in a healthier place as a result of that.’

Earlier in the year, Albarn told Rolling Stone that ‘apart from the visuals, I am Gorillaz. I am the recording when it comes to Gorillaz.’ He affirmed that ‘the only constant thing, I suppose is myself. And I’m still here.’

Damon Albarn recently unveiled a new video from his debut solo album, Everyday Robots, released last month. ‘Mr Tembo’ is about a baby elephant who was discovered on an aerodrome in Tanzania. Albarn’s friends took the little orphan in, and the singer had the opportunity to meet him on one of his visits. ‘I was there,’ Albarn told Rolling Stone, ‘and I met this little elephant, and he was very sweet. I sang to him. It was recorded on a phone, and in a light-hearted moment, I put it on a list for [Everyday Robots producer] Richard [Russell].’ Originally, Albarn was reticent to include the song on his debut — he considered it one of his ‘songs I write for other things.’ But, Richard Russell saw something more in the little oddity and persuaded him to include it on the album.

The new video features Albarn and his band, the Heavy Seas, performing with a church choir at the Pentecostal City Mission Church in Leytonstone, and, more importantly, footage of the real Mr Tembo. While we’re waiting for word on how Mr Tembo feels about being a video star, Albarn told the NME that when he played the song to the baby elephant, he ‘backed away and shat himself.’ Perhaps other listeners had a similar reaction?

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