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Watch Blur’s Full Glastonbury 1992 Set

Let’s rewatch Blur’s first Glastonbury performance from June 28, 1992. Here we’re treated to a great show, albeit with poor quality footage. Blur’s performance is delightfully shambolic. Of course, not everyone appreciated the ape-like Damon Albarn leaping all over the place like a madman. They have a few hecklers in the crowd (my favorite being at 42:40), and there’s an occasional shower of unidentified stuff thrown on stage.

The band is seemingly too high to care. During ‘Oily Water,’ Damon climbs up the scaffolding with his bullhorn and the camera shows one of the road crew types looking up at him with an expression that practically says, ‘I hate my job. Do I have to wait around for this tosser to fall down from the ceiling?,’ especially when the poor fellow has to climb up there to fetch the microphone the moron left up there. This is surely Damon at his obnoxious best. Damon later describes ‘Sunday Sunday’ as ‘very much a Morris dancing song,’ and does a saucy step during the intro. Various peculiar antics ensue, but the highly entertaining concert ends tragically for parts of Damon Albarn. Watch the full gig below.

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