Pretty Green

Video From First 2012 Stone Roses Show In Warrington And Setlist

Soooooooo, like UFO’s, it seems all we get is about 20 seconds of shaky video?

If you find any video pass it along but, really I didn’t expect essentially no video at.all. I’m guessing they didn’t want a lot of video because it might spoil the big come back dates? Can’t quite tell. See for yourself below. They’re playing Made of Stone and the part is right when the Chorus kicks in. I guess Ian motions to put it (the camera) down? I guess there is this sense of why record when you should just watch? Like it’s the Madonna coming down from heaven? I don’t know. I love the boys but chill out about the video if that’s the case.

And also don’t be fooled by this song, while maybe having parts of a new song, it is in fact Sally Cinnamon with different words.

Setlist was..

2.Mersey Paradise
3.Sally Cinnamon
4.Made of Stone
5.Sugar Spun Sister
6.Where Angels Play
7.Shoot You Down
10.She Bangs the Drums
11. Love Spreads