Pretty Green

VH1 Behind The Scenes Oasis From 2000

Remember When MTV Used To Show Music And Care About Oasis?

Hands up who remembers! None? Ok well that stinks. I do at least. (I know you do). By today’s standards them being on MTV or in this case VHI doesn’t really matter at all. However I guess if you want to make millions and have that portion of the purchasing public that totally fucking sucks it does matter! But that is not you, right?

In any case this documentary comes from the year 2000 in which VH1 came out with a “behind the music” documentary about Oasis that we all watched with baited breath. We were frothing at the tip (we weren’t) about how the boys would “comeback” from “Be Here Now”. That album was to be Standing on the Shoulder of Giants – a good album in it’s own right, but not a good follow up. And most certainly not a comeback. Although a delightful album with a few choice tracks it ultimetly fell short. First and the most major problem was we were introduced to Liam’s basic song writing skills at the time. In this case it was a bad thing releasing Little James. And what was going on with his voice for that whole album? Today his songwriting has grown up by leaps and bounds since Little James, but it was not a good introduction. Looking back I would consider it a solid b-side. Regardless, this documentary sheds nothing new for folks today and serves as nothing more than documenting that moment in time. If this documentary does anything well it is that we get to see kid pictures! 5:11 for the adorkableness! So I guess in that sense this was a roaring success. I enjoyed it so maybe you will too.

Ahh the days when MTV cared about the boys.