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The Vauxhalls: New Short Film Captures the Essence of Brit Rock

Today sees the release of a new short film about self-expression through fashion, attitude, and — most of all — rock ‘n roll. The Vauxhalls, starring gorgeous British model Abbey Clancy, tells the story of fictional band The Vauxhalls as they get ready for a late-night London gig. The camera artfully follows Abbey as she prepares for the show – styling herself as a rock goddess, rehearsing, and driving to the venue in the slick new ADAM ROCKS AIR car. I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself!

The Vauxhalls is a film about embracing that rock ‘n roll lifestyle and how it seeps into all areas of your life. As we’ve written about before, Britpop and Brit rock style is about self-expression and attitude. Whether it’s the cockiness of Liam Gallagher or the awkward sensuality of Jarvis Cocker or the raw snarl of Justine Frischmann or … you get the picture. In The Vauxhalls, Abbey embraces a glamorized version of rock ‘n roll lifestyle, the way we fantasize about it. It’s a nice moment of escapism. Watch the full film here:

The film is directed by James Brown in his directorial debut and showcases the latest addition to Vauxhall’s chic ADAM range, the ADAM ROCKS AIR. Why ADAM? Mark Adams, Vice President of Design at Vauxhall Motors comments: “The Vauxhalls explores why rock and roll was so influential. As car designers we work within Vauxhalls design philosophy but still drive for a significant amount of creative freedom, so it’s imperative for us to engage and understand past, present and future trends. Projects such as these help us mould our development for ADAM. It’s good to see the ADAM ROCKS AIR on the road, driving through the streets of London with Abbey at the wheel.”

You can find more information and check back for a “making of” video here:

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