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‘Valet Parking’: The Auteurs vs. Super Furry Animals

Here are two songs called ‘Valet Parking’ to get your motor going. Which do you prefer? The chamber pop defiance of the Auteurs? Super Furry Animals’ psychedelic car song?

The Auteurs

Typically, the Auteurs’ song is rife with social commentary. He’s sick of parking cars, you see. ‘Valet Parking’ is from their spectacular debut, New Wave. ‘Valet Parking’ is one of their more jangly songs from the album. It has a lot of the signature Auteurs sound: the drawn-out vocals, gentle acoustic guitar.

Super Furry Animals

The band described this as ‘Cardiff to Vilnius in five easy verses.’ Here is just one of Super Furry Animals’ summer songs. This song is everything. It’s a trippy, disjointed narrative about a long trek to the continent. And it’s the perfect soundtrack for a roadtrip. Imagine the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair as you speed down an endless highway to that mid-century backing chorus.

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