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5 Popular Cape Town Attractions

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, often placing in the Top 10 cities to visit. With so much to offer, where do you start? Here is a quick guide to five popular attractions.   Table Mountain The majestic Table Mountain towering over the city of Cape Town is a […]

Classic jewelry for summer

Big, flashy jewelry may be a great option for a formal event or your great aunt, but when it comes to summer, less is more. Stick with a more casual selection that you can wear from day to night and will go with most outfits so you can spend less time deciding on what to […]

Tips for festival season on a budget

Summer, for music lovers, is the time for festivals. However, to make the most of these opportunities, it is often necessary to get by on a low budget. With a little penny-pinching and some forward planning, festival season does not have to break the bank. Getting there and back The most important part of festival […]

Rounding out your sound – adding new instruments to your band

There are three key instruments in every good indie band, drums, bass and guitar. Keyboards and a second guitar are usually the first additions for any indie, rock or Britpop band. If a band does not have these three key instruments it can hardly be considered a “band”. However, many groups, especially those that wish […]

Underwear inspired by British girl bands

Back in the olden days, it wasn’t the done thing to be seen flashing knickers or underwear in public; but things change, and in this modern world it is not unusual to spot celebrities, starlets and famous pop singers wearing sexy lingerie and underwear combined with outerwear, or even instead of outerwear. Today, when it […]

Using pop culture in home design

One quick and easy way of injecting energy and personality into an interior is by introducing pop culture influences.  The term pop culture is a catch-all phrase for the trends, iconography and images seen widely in the mass media.  Today, pop culture is as rich and complicated as ever and the scope for including it […]

Placebo Goes Glam in Ibiza

Back when I was in university, I first saw Placebo play a show in a small, dingy club. What the place lacked in space it made up for in ambiance. The gloomy room provided the perfect setting for Brian Molko’s sullen character. And the young, moody version of myself loved it. Who would have thought […]