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Top Shoegaze Albums

Put some Reverb on the delay then Delay the Reveb then add echo,and you might be close…

1. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

A noisey mess in places but how it works is amazing. Today it still stands but it’s probably at it’s best left to the days of when you want to take lots of drugs. It speaks volumes to Kevin Shield’s genius in that he could make everything come together to make it sound in place. In a world before GarageBand,Audition and pro-tools, it boggles my mind how he did it.

2. Ride – Nowhere.

Nowhere is an album that stands relistens 20+ years later because of the ability for Andy and Mark to craft pop songs within soundscapes. Taste will almost always be my favorite “pop-rock” song. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

3. Slowdive – Soulvaki Space Station.

If nothing else but for the strength of the title track and “When the sun hits”. A friend of mine saw them live during this album’s tour and said there was nothing but reverb all over the place. My Morning Jacket eat your heart out.

4. Verve – Storm In Heaven

Nick Mccabe is as good as it gets with guitar effect and delay. He’s using a Quadraverb for his effects on the above track Already There. This album makes you wonder what the hell really happened to ashcroft’s. How you go from this to come on people we’re making it now I’ll never understand.

5. Chapterhouse – Whirlpool

Sounding more baggy than shoegaze and more shoegaze than baggy I’m not sure where Chapterhouse really falls. Fall in love with Breather and falling down.

6. Pale Saints – In Ribbons

Lazy in some places and pure genius in others this album can either pass you by or you pass it by. Leading off with Throwing back the album and owning bones until the end.


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