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Top Britpopnews Stories From 2012

Well HELLLLOOOOO 2013. We have so many questions for you already! Are you going to give us a new Stone Roses album? Will Oasis reform (they won’t)? Will the new Beady Eye album be any good? What about the Noel Gallagher Amorphous Androgynous album? How about an Arctic Monkeys album? Will Alex Turner change his look again? What’s the deal with Nick Mccabe’s new band? What about BLUR? What are we going to do with BLUR, people!

See!  And that’s just the big bands!

So with all that said lets take a look back at the stories we’ve put up on site. I’m going to list a few of my favorites!

Best dressed Britpop Stars of 2012

Top Britpop Albums of 2012

Menswear Gate

An introduction to some Britpop Bands

Smiths reunite and tour as Holograms!

Mod vs Rockers: War Declared Over!

Or anything in the Comedy Section

The Stone Roses finally reformed and FINALLY played live

Top 5 Gene songs to listen to while stalking your ex