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Staff Lists

Britpop Stars, where are they now? – Some bands and artists are still around and others are..well..hyper conservative jesus lovers.

Pulp Singles Retrospective – We take a look back at the singles by Pulp.

100 great 90’s albums from UK bands. Our greatest timesink ever for your enjoyment. 100 great albums from bands that released albums in the 90’s. 

5 great Smiths love songs: The Smiths have a bunch of songs about love and loveless and..hate..of course.

Top Britpop Albums Of 2012
2012 was a decent year for music in the Britpop scene with bands such as Cast, Dodgy, Spiritualized and Jake Bugg releasing music

Top 10 New Order Songs
This list of top New Order songs is pretty darn hard to put together. Probably the hardest we’ve ever done. It’s really “here are 10 new order songs that are all great”.

Top Britpop Christmas Songs
HO HO HO IT’S BRITPOP CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. There are really only about 5 songs to choose from but these will do.

Top Oasis B-sides from 94-97
Maybe it’s called “The Masterplan” in other arena’s but here is a list of top Oasis B-sides that is ever changing.

Top Shoegaze Albums
A not so impossible task as there were a great many terrible Shoegaze bands but rather hard considering the bands that were good such as Ride or My Bloody Valentine released quite a few solid albums.

The Old Stone Roses Bootleg Video Collection On Youtube
 Before The Stone Roses reformed we had scant video coverage of them and this is a collection of their bootleg coverage as we called it from back in the day.

Terrible Oasis Covers
Lets face it, on the internet there are a lot of idiots. And idiots like to sing songs. And they like to record themselves while doing it.

Ranking The Oasis Albums
From 1-8 or 8 to 1 but not 9 to 5 these are the Oasis albums ranked according to us.

Top 10 Graham Coxon Songs
Out of a gigantic catalog of music where do you start?  We break down 10 really great songs to check out instead of buying an album.

Top 15 Stone Roses B-Sides
The Stone Roses were a band that had probabaly only 15 B-sides to begin with so breaking this down was more a list of everything they did but in order of quality. We guess.

Top 5 Gene Songs To Listen To Whilst Facebook Stalking Your Ex
Only 5 you say? You might have to stop there and make sure you skip on the extra bottles of booze too. No drunken texts allowed here folks.

Top 10 Oasis Album Songs That Aren’t Singles
With a bunch of Oasis albums and singles to weed through it makes for a tough list as most of their best songs turned out as singles.