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Top 5 Lush Songs

My boyfriend recently jokingly said to me, “Every band in 2013 sounds like Lush.” He’s not too far off the mark. We’re in one of those post-punk/shoegaze rival periods. Bands these days are all about the dreamy vocals and fuzzy guitars. They certainly owe a lot to Lush.

Like the Verve, Lush started out as a Britpop band. Their first album, Spooky, is pure shoegaze. On the follow up Split, the band stuck to their shoegaze roots but tracks like “Hypocrite” were evidence that they were willing to venture in a more Britpop-oriented direction. Their most commercially successful album Lovelife even featured a duet with Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker.

I bought up a bunch of Lush albums and compilations at a used record store in Santa Clara, California. I’m sitting here with these CDs all around me to bring you my top five Lush songs:

5.) “I’ve Been Here Before” from Lovelife

4.) “Untogether” from Spooky

3.) “Bitter” from Gala

2.) “Hypocrite” from Split (I really want Miki’s outfit from this video!)

1.) “Last Night” from Lovelife


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