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Top 5 Gene Songs To Listen To Whilst Facebook Stalking Your Ex

Of all the Britpop bands, none were as emotive as Gene. Facebook/Twitter/whatever stalking your ex isn’t exactly helpful, but sometimes it happens. The next time you find yourself in that pit of despair, cue up these Gene songs to make the experience even more dramatic.

5. “Is It Over?” from Libertine

The kicker: “Can you now ignore how you felt with every pore? Tell me that wasn’t real.”

4. “Somewhere In the World” from Libertine

The kicker: “Somewhere in the world someone’s got my girl.”

3. “Haunted By You” from Olympian

The kicker: “I cross the road and I hide just to avoid the times when you sat at my side.”

2. “Speak To Me Someone” from Drawn To the Deep End

The kicker: “I’ll wait for the day when you creep through the window and hold me.”

1. “Let Me Move On” from Libertine

The kicker: “In your heart you know that you used to need me.”

…Basically, just set yourself up with a bottle of wine and Libertine and let yourself wallow.

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