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Top 10 Supergrass Songs

With their debut album, I Should Coco, coming out when most of the band was only 19, Supergrass embodied the youthful energy of the Britpop movement more than just about any other band. As they matured, they wrote some stellar introspective tracks that are just as good, but their standouts are still their catchy, fast-paced numbers. Here are just 10 of their best tracks

10. Run [Life on Other Planets- 2002]

This melancholy 6 minute song is a dreamy, synthy exploration of a Pink Floyd-esque side of this band you rarely get to see. It’s such a stand out track as it’s so unlike anything they’ve done before or since.

9. It’s Not Me [In It For The Money – 1997]

Another more introspective song, its harmonies tinged with a touch of desperation and emotion.

8. Richard III [In It For The Money – 1997]

Richard III kicks off with an intense guitar riff and doesn’t let up. You simply can’t escape the in-your-face drive of this song.

7. Mansize Rooster [I Should Coco – 1995]

I almost hate this song for having it stuck in my head so often. And I have no bleeding idea what the lyrics mean so I don’t even know what I’m singing. But Gaz sings it beautifully, his heavy British accent perfect against the playful rhythms.

6. Moving [Supergrass – 1999]

This song is always a fun listen, as it alternates between dreamy, emotional verses and a made-for-the-dance-floor catchy as hell chorus.

5. St Petersburg [Road to Rouen – 2005]

Released 10 years after their first album, this song certainly has a more mature, calmer sound to it. But Gaz’ voice is unmistakable, and the melancholy but catchy chorus draws you in.

4. Sitting Up Straight [I Should Coco – 1995]

Sitting Up Straight is sung so urgently, it’s hard to keep up with Gaz’s quick tongue. Everything feels sped up, as if you put your LP on the wrong speed. The guitars go crazy, Gaz goes crazy, this 2 minute song will leave you almost winded by the end.

3. Alright [I Should Coco – 1995]

And here it is, the quintessential ballad to youth. This track features a prominent and almost out of key piano that is reminiscent of rockabilly diners or vaudeville performances. The lyrics are self-aggrandizing and celebrate everything about being young.

2. I’d Like To Know [I Should Coco – 1995]

A frantic start to a frantic album. With a wrist-straining bass line and crazy guitars, this song is unrelenting in it’s desire to find the “strange ones”. It’s impossible not to dance to this song.

1. Caught By the Fuzz [I Should Coco – 1995]

And my favourite Supergrass track is also the first Supergrass song I ever heard. Gaz’s accent is in full form in this track, the song is just full of the frenzied rush of a teenager making a crazy stupid mistake.


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