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Top 10 Oasis Album Songs That Aren’t Singles

Lets have some fun shall we? Because lists are fun. And lets make this a tad bit challenging too. Oasis had a whopping 32 singles and towards the later part of their career they kept the best for single material, but this list of top Oasis songs should be fairly easy across all the albums. I’m not going to include The Masterplan because that was a B-side album and I’m also not going to include the promotional single aspect either. Leave your list in the comments!

10. She’s Electric – What’s the Story Morning Glory

9. It’s Getting Better Man – Be Here Now

8. Bag It Up – Dig Out Your Soul

7. Bring It On Down – Definitely Maybe

6. Where Did It All Go Wrong – Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

5. Force Of Nature – Heathen Chemistry

4. Turn Up The Sun – Don’t Believe The Truth

3. Cast No Shadow – What’s the Story Morning Glory

2. Gas Panic – Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

1. Slide Away – Definitely Maybe