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Top 10 New Order Songs 10-6


Top 10 New Order Songs 10-6

10. Crystal – Get Ready (2001)

Ok, throwing them a bone. While their albums from the 2000s weren’t as remarkable as earlier work, this song captured that bombastic pop sound of the early aughts before everything (including music) went to shit.

9. Regret – Republic (1993)

A little cleaner in sound as the band transitioned into the ‘90s, but still reminiscent of their characteristic hooks and style.

8. Dreams Never End –Movement(1981)

Here’s one for the Joy Division fans. With Curtis-like vocals by Peter Hook instead of Bernard Sumner, this track stands out as something a little different.

7. Shellshock – standalone single (1986)

This song suffers from being about a minute too long, but is still a worthy offering.  The vocals and almost abrasive synth-y orchestra bits make it a little less sentimental  and more substantial. Hey, it was good enough for the film Pretty in Pink.

6. The Perfect Kiss – Low-Life (1985)

Heavy on the synth, as is the tendency of the ‘80s. This song throws in everything in sight (even frogs croaking, and do I hear cowbells?) and sees what sticks. Somehow, it works.

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Honorable mentions:
Blue Monday
The Village
Everything’s Gone Green


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