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Top 10 New Order Songs 5-1

The Top 5 New Order Songs

5. Age of Consent – Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)

Another song that has it all –jangly guitars, uber ‘80s synthesizers, a driving bassline.Infectious and dancey. At least this one isn’t depressing, right? Just ignore that final repetition of “I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you…”

4. Temptation ’87 – Substance (1987)

Though originally recorded as a standalone single in 1982, a superior version (in our humble opinion) was re-recorded for the compilation album, Substance. You’ll recognize this version from the definitive Britpop film and soundtrack, Trainspotting.

3. Bizarre Love Triangle –Brotherhood (1986)

The perfect ‘80s song, and one of those rare cases where the album version, single version, and extended dance mix are equally good. For some reason this never reached the top 40 in the UK or US. Now we know better.  I dare you to not dance when this song comes on.

2. Ceremony – standalone single (1981), later released on Substance (1987)

Originally a Joy Division song from the compilation album Still. While it may sound uplifting, knowing that this song marks the transition from Joy Division to New Order after Ian Curtis’ suicide imparts a sorrowful mood to the track. The original New Order version was recorded as a single in 1981 and has a much rawer feel, but the most-known re-recorded version was released in 1987.

1.Leave Me Alone – Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)

An underrated song that has all the signature New Order characteristics (meant in the best way possible): Joy Division-eque bass line, unmistakable jangly guitar, lyrics that don’t quite make sense but are laden with wistful melancholy. Flawlessly subtle and haunting.

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