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Top 10 Graham Coxon Songs pt.1

5. You and I

Off of Love Travels at Illegal Speeds the song starts off a bit simple but really kicks in at 0:35. The 1,2 punch of la, la’s and the ripped out of a candy store guitar riff should be enough of a selling point for you.

4. Freaking out

The lead single off of Happiness in Magazines you’ll swear you’ve head before containing a simple guitar riff that you wish you wrote. The lyrics are a bit throw away but the song is more about that constant them of catchy and memorable guitar riff than anything else. The breakdown after the chorus (1:08) is one of my favorite guitar riff’s by Graham. There’s something sweet but also status quo on this song that keeps me from thinking it’s his greatest moment, but you could make a case it is. After this album, and song, it seemed like graham changed directions again and went towards his more “artistic” side? I guess that’s how you say he changed his sound in pretty words.

3. Standing on my own again

The stand out track off of Love Travels at Illegal Speeds. The parts I really like about this song are how the drums, bass and guitar are all in sync for that classic freak out graham moment. In addition to that his guitar tone is just boss. Graham has always managed to created a unique and interesting sound, but this one for some reason stands out above the others.

2. Bittersweet Bundle of Misery

Owing a little, okay, a lot, to Coffee and TV, this song was seemingly an attempt to capture that last little bit of Blur magic. You can find this track off of the Happiness in Magazine album.

1. Spectacular

This is the top of Graham’s pop sounds and really the “hi-fi” debut of his sound. What I mean is that this is the song where you said he’s really capable of going against the Blur catalog of songs with this one. I’m not saying it should appear there, but that he is totally capable of reaching that high level of songwriting on a mass scale. One of the few times you’ll see me write this, but I love this song because of the video so watch that. The crunchy guitar and catchy chorus and with the title something befitting of Graham “spec-tac-u-lar!”

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