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Top 10 Graham Coxon Songs pt.2

This list only encompasses his solo career. So ZEEERO complaints about Coffee and TV, Tender, You’re So Great and all of the Blur co-written songs. Graham Coxon’s output is spectacular to say the least having 8 albums under his belt. There’s so much to choose from, how do you? I’ll attempt to, I guess?

10. Right to pop!

Released during the Happiness in Magazines era Right to Pop appeared on the album released in the United States. Obviously some kind of statement to “pop” in any fashion which he chooses (and you can buddy), Graham brings the pop music in full force.

9. Sorrow’s Army

Off of Graham’s 7th album and a concept album no less this is another switch in his sound’s direction to a more blues focused songwriting. Take it or leave it it still retains that quirky, pop, we’ve come to know and love. Strong on acoustic and even stronger on guitar this song is boss. Like it or die.

8. I wish

One of the more rocking tracks on Graham’s first album “The Sky is too high”. With a guitar progression and Blur fan will fall instantly it’s also one of the more stand out tracks for a traditional Blur fan.

7. That’s all I wanna do

The first introduction to solo Graham Coxon from the album “The Sky is too high”. It’s a bit of a misleading track against the relative lightness of the rest of the album, but a great leaping off point. The lyrics “my life feels so brown (down?), I just want to be with you, that’s all I wanna do”. Something you’d never really hear come from Blur and such a tender start to a love affair with Graham’s sound.

6. Escape Song

If That’s all I wanna do was the start of graham’s career this was his return to a consistent pop “rock” effort on his albums. When his vocal parts reach you’ll either hate his voice or love it, but then again if you somehow just now found out about Graham I doubt you’d have a problems with any vocals here. There is a comment on youtube “Geek. Rock” and I think i’ll agree this one time with someone on youtube.

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