Pretty Green

Today I’m Thankful for Menswe@r

Who knew that so many people would want to revisit their old copies of Nuisance in honor of it achieving platinum status in worldwide sales? Obviously the question now begs who exactly has been buying Nuisance in recent years but I digress. I assume its thanks to those of us who have tracked down vinyl copies on eBay and in Japanese records shops!

When asked to comment on Twitter, former ‘swe@r guitarist Chris Gentry wanted me to report “how happy [he] is for the album to finally go platinum after all these years and to thank [former Vatican DC member] Tommy Sparks.”

Have you ever heard Gentry’s post-Menswear outfit Vatican DC? Check out their 2006 single “Wow:”

So, who wants to start the petition for a Menswear reunion? Come on boys, make it happen!

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