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Woah, Britpopnews Is One Years Old Today!

Britpopnews logo by jay freestone.About 10 years ago I ran a few little sites that were directly band related so that I could trade bootlegs with Will Odell of I am without shoes – a stone roses site. Will’s site no longer exists in the form I knew it, and mine don’t either for the most part, but they were much like the amazing Northern Uproar site with a little less comic sans fonts. You can still see one: this guy, looking oddly like this site today – My taste for design has changed very little as you can see. I say this because at that time I thought I should do a music site talking about the UK music scene and never did until a year ago. I really regret not doing this sooner, but such is life.

The reason why it took so long is over those 10 years I decided to just post stories that I found to my friendster, myspace, or facebook wall and leave it at that. Much of my time was spent rummaging through the forgotten parts of youtube and watching videos of a kid playing waterfall, or this sad Lee Mavers documentary (which eventually found it’s way to the site.) Trouble is that not many people cared for music from the britpop period, or even other scenes or bands I liked, so it was always this empty feeling. Over time I thought why not just start pinning this stuff to a site and just do my own thing and maybe a few or 10 people would pop in and make fun of me. So, I looked around at the time and saw that virtually no one was talking about this music apart from a site or two and they weren’t doing it in a fashion that kept my attention for more than 3 seconds. It was surprising to me because we’re in such a niche world now. Many of these bands are still active, have a huge amount of back content, or there are modern forms of them like Miles Kane. Also how could someone not have made a site like this in the almost 20 years after the scene starting? I the guadian is doing it really well so why bother?

So couple all that with some professional bitterness that so many of us face today in the constant hire/layoff/skip to next job scheme we all fall into, and also a bit of “I built this for them why cant I do this for me?” and you have the “why this site is here” answer to why this is here.

Here we are today. We’ve got a bunch of awesome people writing on site with some really fantastic stories to tell. My arrogant self thought I knew just about everything regarding Britpop;  then came along Kayley and she championed Marion and other bands like The Aueters (who I will forever misspell). Or Jasmine with Strangelove, or Charles with Bis or Phil talking about The Ash album I skipped over!

It’s been cool for me personally because for many years I’d post to the void of social media as I said, or I’d just talk Jessica’s ear off (who likes britpop too obviously!) and now I get to be creative with others, hear their stories, and talk about the bands we all love. But with good comes bad. Even for this website that occupies some insignifigant corner of the internet. I’ve had a fair share of negative tools who decide to get up in arms because they didn’t take 5 seconds to read something, or those that don’t understand that the name “britpopnews” is really just a marketing tool and because I thought the name sounded cute, or the people who swiped the hilarious troll joke about Menswear and stole literally word for word the story then copy and pasted it onto their own shitty examiner site. All of this shows why I don’t exactly chase news unless it slaps me in the face and why I take no story too seriously – and you shouldn’t on any story published by me on this site. But those problems and approaches aren’t really anything that concerns me to a great deal. it’s all pretty rad. Now if only I could get this to pay me a salary.

Our ad’s don’t exactly pay enough to keep the mortgage current if you get what I’m saying.