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It’s Time to Accept that Female Gamers are Here to Stay

The world of gaming is changing, some may worry about the directions it is taking, but slowly and surely we are all realising that it is heading in a good direction. When it was revealed that 52% of gamers are women, it may have been surprising, but is it really shocking?

There is a vast amount of games available to us now, from first-person shooters to more casual games, even check now for free bingo too. While there may be many action games that are traditionally seen as a more male dominated side of the market, you just have to look at services like Twitch to see plenty of female streamers showing they are skilled at these games.

Other areas of the gaming world that attract women tend to also be the rise in more casual games which can be played on your mobile device. The growth in these games has been huge, and it would be no surprise that mobile games have influenced these results. The fact is though as our gaming traits can now be recorded as well as the demographics we are a part of, it comes as no surprise that the female gamer is on the rise.

So where does this leave the male player? Exactly where they were before, with no risk to their place as gamers. There may be a lot of controversies surrounding gaming communities, but these have tended to strengthen the gaming communities, sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the better.

For the games industry to remain strong it must change with the times. If there are more women playing games, then the market must accommodate this. What they also must do though is keep all gamers happy, whatever their sex may be. Looking at the way the games industry is adapting, it does seem that this is the case. There may be plenty of heated discussions about the way games are evolving now, but it still growing nicely, so it does feel like it is safe for now.

With the rise of virtual reality and other technologies that are improving the way we play games, the number of people both male and female will be enjoying them. The female gamer is here to stay, and in truth were they ever not there? It is time for us to accept it, and just get on with the important task, and that is gaming.