Pretty Green

Tiger Prints Don’t Suit Ian Brown – Welcome To Friday, You Guys.

We’ve all had our questionable fashion days. I mean, I too once wore Doc Martens. Or worse still:  cheap trainers. AH!!!! As a man who most certainly pays people to buy him clothes this perticular choice has to go down as one of the most questionable outfits by our lord and saviour Jesus Chri Ian Brown. I mean is this the look that made Ian say to himself before walking out the for tonight’s show in front of 10,000 people: “they’ll respect me with this on”. Maybe you like tiger print stuff, many people in New Jersey do, I just wasn’t expecting Ian to come out in it.  Maybe Ian is speaking out for tiger rights, or that he’s trying to say hey Orange is back in style.   I guess his outfit certainly says something, I’m just not sure if it’s anything positive. Unless of course you’re tony the tiger. Which Ian very well may be.

Welcome to Friday folks.