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This Week In Britpopnews

We’ve had quite a few stories for the week so here goes the news from
New Music: The Heavy Jets From Newcastle! : A new band doing the britpop sound from Newcastle. Check them out.

Best Dressed Britpop Stars of 2012: Who makes the list? Is Miles Kane on there? What about Alex Turner?

Rick Witter’s Disco Down:

We ranked the 16 Shed Seven Singles: Over the years the Shed’s have released 16 singles. This was our attempt to rank them from top to bottom.

Jake Bugg Christmas Song: Jake Bugg Covers One of the Only Good Christmas Songs


Father Christmas by Elastica: Elastica were a band from the 90’s, yeah?

Italian Johnny Dean Interview: Johnny Dean of Menswear interview

Coldplay History Let’s Take a Moment to Remember When Coldplay Were Great:

My Favorite Picture Of John Squire: John Squire on guitar

The long dead Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edward had a birthday.

Do You Know How Much Liam Gallagher Is Worth? Liam Gallagher is worth 50 million. Or is he?