Pretty Green

This Week In Britpop, you guys

WHAT A WEEK. This site launched, and, well, did ok? We got lots of hits from my twitter account. FOLLOW IT! This week the Smiths hologram is WAY amazeballs if I say so myself. The neverending saga of Lee Mavers life is still sad and tragic. Noel Gallagher’s ring is as memorizing as it is also the one ring to rule us all. Radiohead saved a kitten in a tree. Or was it a baby. Who knows. It’s Radiohead. And lastly is our new member of British Rock Royalty. At the ripe old age of 7. He’ll hit rehab by 12, calling it now.

Smiths To Reunite And Tour As Holograms

Lee Mavers Finally Gets A Documentary. It Will Never Be Fully Completed, Of Course

This Just In! Noel Gallagher’s Ring Is Not The Center Of Evil!

Radiohead Saved A Baby From A Burning Tree At Coachella

This Kid Can Play The Stone Roses Waterfall Better Than You