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This Video Will Make You Wish You Saw The Arctic Monkeys In Argentina

Is there something about modern english culture – and I’m talking american, canadian, british, etc. etc. – that makes us unable to enjoy ourselves like the argentin’ folk do? Despite what that seems I’m not making a blanket statement that no audiences in any english speaking country enjoy themselves and that the mere feeling of liking something is only available to non-english speaking folks. I mean, sure, many audiences in America, Canada, and the entirety of the UK (IRELAND TOO!) all get hyped at a live show. It’s just that Argentina (or South America) seems to do this regularly.  On top of that  the normally stoic bands like Arctic Monkeys and Oasis seem to actually enjoy being on stage.

Is it the water? Is it that people have been living there for over 13,000 years? Maybe it’s because you’re so fucking far south that you might as well be neighbors with the UK (despite that gigantic land mass called the ARCTIC)?Is it the people?

In any case, it seems like Argentina is a pretty great place to play.

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