Pretty Green

This Video By Spiritualized Is Both Messed Up And Awesome

This video reminds me of an episode of The Wire. If you have not seen the TV show The Wire, it is known to be an amazing show. It shows the reality of a extremely tough lifestyle in poor areas of urban cities in America by putting it on TV. I watched it once all the way through and had to pop a few happy pills. LIFE SUCKS IN BALTIMORE is all I’m saying. Now I may even watch it again, but I know now that I will have to be in this amazingly positive state. Even still I’m not sure I’d want to have the cold reality that is outside our doors be in my television set. Do you? I’m sure Some people like to live blind. Like me. Right? Regardless I think I can say the Wire is a show we can both love and at the same time want to forget we ever watched. Which brings me to this video, and Spiritualized in general.

So this video. What! The! Hell! Am I right? Sure this video is great at evoking an emotion while also telling a story without saying ONE WORD, but it’s fucked up. In some ways it disguises how great this song is. And this song is sooooo good, but what gives JP?

If you don’t want to sit through all 9 minutes of this video This video tells the story of a cross dressing prostitute who has, I guess, two kids, gets stalked and almost dies. I won’t kill the ending, even though I said I’ll tell you the story, so fuck it. Just watch it already. Ok? Done yet? no? DONE NOW? FINE. Screwed up right?

I guess my feelings are torn when it comes to making videos anymore. Does it detract from the song? Does it add to the song? Am I supposed to understand something more from a band because of it? Furthermore does anyone consider this medium an art form anymore? Sure this video evoked an emotion out of me, but does it even matter to making me a fan? I guess that’s what a video/song is about. Winning me over to this band. So Is that going to be lost on the numerous fans out there watching this video? With that said I doubt that most any musical artist that is not a total sell out is making videos to be a superstar artist on top of their music. And anyways it’s not like Jason Pierce , or chris martin, or whoever is coming up with these videos either. Maybe they are. Richard Ashcroft certainly seems to. I think they’re all pitched numerous “ideas” and they pick what video they want. But the music right.

This is a damn fine tune. You’ll dig it.