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This Just In! Noel Gallagher’s Ring Is Not The Center Of Evil!

I’m not sure Noel Gallagher went to American High School, but that ring he’s wearing sure does look an awful like the ring I wasted a lot money buying which just so happened to be the center of all evil.  Whew, I was mistaken for a moment! Crisis. Averted. You’re asking yourself right now why would anyone buy a High School ring, right? I mean, am I right, or am I right? Well….I did! And I’m an idiot for doing so. Which any ex-girlfriend of mine would attest to.

I do need some help here because I’m not sure what this thing really is. Is this some kind of British Rock Royalty ring? I mean, I know he sweats gold, so it’s only fitting he has some kind of bling on his fingers?

The video below is another quality interview where our man says absolutely nothing at all for about 8 minutes and then goes into a rant. Oh how I love his rants. Seriously. The rant is about musicians today. These kids! Those pesky kids! They know nothing!  His argument is..well I don’t really care enough what his argument is so I think at this point he just says stuff to say stuff. As if his id is totally not there. Please never ever change Noel.

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