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This Just In: Ever Fallen In Love By The Buzzcocks Is Still Amazing

I know this site is some weird devotion to britpop, and that’s why you’re here, and i’m constantly reminded that “that’s not britpop argh!!!”  but quite frankly none of that matters. What matters is the musical history of things. Not in that grandpa sense like old music journo’s that constantly talk about seeing the “first” sex pistols tour, or being around during the who’s cant explain days though. Quite frankly those people who call themselves journalists bore me to tears. Mostly because I cry a lot. And I get bored easily. So tears and boredom come easily to this guy. The historical note I make is that Supergrass and their early brand of music probabaly wouldn’t have occured had there not been the Buzzcocks. So, you can thank these guys for making some kick ass 3 minute songs that we may have Supergrass. I also still dig they’re still around.