Pretty Green

This English Language in 24 Accents Video Is At First Cool Then Really Old

The reality of this video is I’m not sitting through 24 stereotypes of language, but it’s still impressive. This kid, obviously a kid because of that weak-sauce moustache and chin air all 16-21 year olds wear to look older,yet don’t realize it makes them look young in the first place, is obviously gifted in the vocal department. To be able to understand the difference in accent and then pull off that many is impressive. If you can do this buddy go get a degree in linguistics.

With that said I’m a bit of a nutter when it comes to accents and regional dialects and while it’s very British focused and thus good for that it does leave out some “american” dialects. Lets talk about the Philadelphia Accent. Which is really just the city proper. You go out to Delaware county and it’s different there. And then across the bridge to South New Jersey and it’s different THERE. Then you go to Atlantic City and you get that terrible breed of being from that terrible tv show I’m not mentioning.  By just knowing that I know those differences should reveal how insane I am towards language and why I find this video really cool. Think about it for a second. For as long as we have history post the Romans we’ve been talking.  Surely we didn’t speak the same 1,000 years ago. Listen to recordings from the turn of the century and you’ll hear how wildly different we spoke.  The people who will benefit from this are those 200 years in the future who will have all this past to view from.

So what about you, where do you place your accent?