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Things to do in Shrewsbury


While Shrewsbury may not be the first place you think of when you plan a luxury holiday, it is in fact quite a beautiful place to visit. Located next to the River Severn in the county of Shropshire it is a historical town that offers plenty of things to do and visit. Here are a few ideas for if you ever visit

The Castle

As with many of the other castles that can be found around the United Kingdom, Shrewsbury Castle is an iconic building that is well worth a visit. Build around 1067 it was tasked with the job of protecting the town from the danger of invaders. Now it has become more of a tourist attraction, though it does still have a history of attack, being a target for the IRA in 1992.

The River

The River Severn is a main attraction of the town and is one of the UK’s largest rivers. Spanning 220 miles it is on the banks of here you’ll find not only the castle, but also other attractions such as the Theatre Severn.

The Theatre

While not the most interesting building to look at, if you fancy some culture during your trip the Theatre Seven there is plenty to see. Placed next to the river, it is also not hard to find, with plenty of other attractions around to keep you entertained.

Museums and Art Gallery

Shrewsbury is obviously a town that features a lot of history, and this can be found not only in destinations like the castle, but also the Music Hall Museam and Art Gallery. This building was the original Shrewsbury theatre and shows off the history of The Music Hall.

The Town

If you are visiting, and you find you want to do some shopping then the town center itself has plenty of opportunities. It also has its fair share of pubs, restaurants, and even a bingo hall (click for bingo) if that is your thing. Whatever you want to do, the choices are available.

Placed in a part of the United Kingdom  that makes it easy to visit other cities such as Birmingham, there are plenty of other places you can visit from Shrewsbury too. So if you find yourself having to visit, be sure that it will be far from boring.