Pretty Green

There Is Entirely Too Little Indian-British-Rock Music These Days

Holy SHIT. Remember Kula Shaker? I do. I read about them in Rolling Stone they were that big. Because having an ad in Rolling Stone means: you’ve arrived. I’m totally serious. Where is Cornershop? Nowhere. NO. Where. You guys. Lets get this ball rolling. We need a lot more Sitar in our music.

Did George Harrison pick up his Sitar and take it away when he died? Were we all like yep, that was as good as it gets. My Sweet Lord and we’re D.O.N.E. Now I know Kula Shaker and Cornershop came out post that song, shit I was born after that song, I guess, I mean, look at those beards and clothes! I could not have possibly been around and not bitched in 2.5 seconds flat about whatever the hell that thing is on your chin. I know those bands were around post that and kept the party going just like we do at the after hours club. You know that club, you guys. It’s fun for about 25 minutes because you’re feeling DAMN GOOD after that late night taco then the room starts spinning a little and you head for the bathroom. Maybe letting go of some fluids will chill you out. Wrong. It doesn’t. You gotta go. And now you’re stuck in a cab for the next 30 minutes praying you’ll not puke in the back of the cab. That is an after hours club experience. least mine. Now what was I talking about? Ah..forget it. The moment has passes.