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The Top 3 Overlooked Cure Records

It’s a rainy day over here in East Tennessee, which means it’s time to select the perfect playlist. Many artists can soundtrack a rainy day, everyone from The Smiths, Travis and Oasis, to Joy Division and Blur. However, when selecting the perfect rain-soaked collection of songs, my attention always returns to one band: The Cure.

The Cure have an extensive, monumental body of work. However, having such an immense cannon to choose from can leave some albums to be lost in the shuffle. Here are my Top 3 Cure albums that you might have missed.

3. Faith
Sitting just between the breakout hit of Seventeen Seconds and the masterwork that is Pornography, Faith is a moody, atmospheric album that should be highly regarded. It’s muted keyboards and concise songwriting structure lend it an air of claustrophobia that only a few bands can master.

2. BloodFlowers
Considered the final chapter in Robert Smith’s “Dark Trilogy”, Bloodflowers is often thought of as a cop out, late-period Cure throw away. Instead, it might just be the best of the trilogy(sacrilege, I know). The album is densely layered, and the production value is better than any other Cure record before or after. the crowning achievement of this record lies in the 11 minute opus “Watching Me Fall”.

1. Wish
How can the album that contained “Friday I’m In Love” be overlooked, you ask? By containing a mega single, that’s how. With the success of the aforementioned single, Wish as a complete album is often overshadowed. In essence, Wish is Robert Smith’s answer to the shoegaze movement. This is him saying “Oh you want loud, gauzy guitars? Okay, look what i can do!” Do yourself a favor and turn the lights down low on a rainy afternoon, and play this record front to back, then you will start to get the picture of the records necessity as a whole.

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