Pretty Green


Traditional bingo has taken a step back in recent years. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that bingo halls up and down the country were seeing increased success and their popularity were at its dizzying heights. Sadly, however, in more recent times the industry has seen a steady decline and in spite of the fact that bingo is now suddenly managing to claw back some interest from the general public it’s the emergence of internet and mobile-based casinos and bingo that has really the most significant effect on the industry as a whole.



Of course this declining interest hasn’t been all doom and gloom especially as it’s at times like this when certain industries and fields of entertainment are able to discover new and exciting ways in which to evolve in these modern times thanks to some innovative ideas that come to light. One such concept that appears to rising in popularity around the country is that of so called ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’.


The game is now being played in bars and pubs all over the world and is a great way for local communities and event hosts to engage with their visitors and audiences more. What’s even more interesting about ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’ is that it also appeals to music fans of all ages. The game replaces the traditional numbers from a game of bingo and instead uses 15 second clips of various songs and music. And instead of numbers being shown on your bingo card you have various bands and artists and song titles. When a clip is played you simply mark off the corresponding artist and song on your card.



Karaoke is still a popular staple in many pubs around the world with many public houses holding regular karaoke evenings for their patrons. Everyone loves hearing a song they haven’t heard in a while and they love singing along. What makes ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’ exciting is that it gives a new social quality to the traditional game and players are often found singing along to each musical clip. Normal bingo does have that unfortunate aspect of repetition. You call out numbers and you mark them off waiting for someone to win a line or call house. But here every game can be completely different thanks to the incredible range and catalogue of musical styles, and songs that are readily available.


So whilst traditional land based bingo halls maybe struggling against new online entities such as it does appear that there is still life in the world of bingo after all.