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The Rare and Unreleased Stone Roses songs

For awhile there were 2 known unreleased songs it turns out there are essentially 4 unreleased Stone Roses songs that we know of today. Good news is they are all watchable below! The background on these is the two we knew about came from a bootleg in 1987 at the Manchester International and they were “Sun Still Shines” and “Your Time Will Come”. Though they were written about previously though John Robb stories so we all had some greater public awareness of the songs. Boy on a pedastal came out about 7-8 years back from the I am without shoes website run by Will Odell. My awareness is that he got the tape from someone on the inside. I could be wrong. With Pearl Bastard that song appeared out of nowhere on the Collectors Edition and in some ways I wish it would have stayed that way. The first two songs are, in my opinion, worthwhile while the later 2, i’m not much of a fan of.  Either way take a listen and leave what you think in the comments!

Sun Still Shines

Your Time will come

Boy on a Pedastal

Pearl Bastard