Pretty Green

The Old Stone Roses Bootleg Video Collection On Youtube

Up until today there have only been a few live videos of The Stone Roses available. And just because I’m sentimental these videos are listed in this post.

Call me silly,  but I really feel as if this should be done so that we can remember a time when we had NOTHING to watch but these videos. From today on our we’ll have all kinds of smartphone video with horrible sound and screaming dudes ruining those moments. And we’ll forget the time we had squat. Not that we can only ever had squat, but sometimes it’s good to realize what you have by looking back and seeing what you didn’t have.

For the sake of it I’m going to skip the blackpool show because… well… that was an official release. And Reading also because that was a disaster. The videos essentially all come from 6 shows. Feile Festival, Newport, Brixton, Finland, Kawasaki Japan, and Atlana. So here goes nothing…

Standing Here – Finland 1990

Fools Gold – Finland 1990

Sally Cinnamon – Finland 1990

Shoot You Down 1990

Breaking Into Heaven – Japan 1995

Daybreak – Japan 1995

I Wanna Be Adored – Atlanta 1995

Tears – Brixton Academy 1995

Tightrope – Brixton Academy 1995

Made Of Stone – Brixton Academy 1995

Your Star Will Shine – Brixton Academy 1995

Driving South – Brixton Academy 1995

Breaking Into Heaven – Ireland 1995

Love Spreads – Ireland 1995

Tears – Newport 1995