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The Final Verdict On The Seahorses, Ok, I Guess?

In the aftermath of The Stone Roses John Squire went on to form The Seahorses and years later I’ve gone back to listen to them. Looking back I can’t exactly say they were bad, but I also can’t say they were great. The entire album seemed rushed, but also contained quite a few gems such as Standing on your head and 1999. The singles not-with-standing. With that said I don’t exactly go back to listen to them though they seem to always crop up on shuffle mode. Thing is I never seem to mind. Which leads me to think about why? They had the makings of a good band. Chris Helme has a solid voice and managed to write a few good tracks and then there’s John Squire who can’t not make stuff sound good in my opinion. Was it the rhythm section? I can’t say I was particularly thrilled with the drums or bass as nothing stood out to me. However that’s not to say they weren’t of good quality they just didn’t stand out. Was it the recording? I felt the unreleased demo’s and even the single “You Can Talk To Me” sounded better than the album. You could make a case for that, I guess.

This all leads me back to the title of this whole thing. Everything just seemed “Ok”, which is a shame. There’s something good in there, but that magic “feeling” is missing do you know what I mean? I understand that’s a totally arbitrary statement to make based on no evidence, but I have a feeling most music fans can understand what I’m trying to say. And for those that don’t well fuck you. I’m kidding. I mean SCREW. YOU. My point is can you make comparisons to what you hear on the first Stone Roses albums, or All Mod Cons, or Kasabian and say that first album sounded like those bands? I don’t know. You tell me.

Love is the Law – The Seahorses