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The Cribs – Payola. Alternate Best Of Tracklist.

The Cribs Payola

Out of curiosity I’ve been on Amazon to look at the tracklist of The Cribs best of ‘Payola’ which is out Feb 25th. I love The Cribs and really want their best of to do them justice.

It nearly does, but there are too many filler tracks and the album seriously runs out of steam by the end. I’ve made an alternate best of made up of a lean 16 tracks. I’d still say it’s worth buying the best of if only to support one of the properly good British bands from the ’00s.

1. Another Number
2. Come On Be A No One
3. I’m A Realist
4. Hey Scenesters!
5. We Share The Same Skies
6. You Were Always The One
7. Save Your Secrets
8. Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?
9. Cheat On Me
10. Hari Kari
11. I Tried Everything
12. Glitters Like Gold
13. Pure O
14. Mirror Kisses
15. Men’s Needs
16. Chi Town