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The Charlatans is Moving On! Listen to New Single “Talking In Tones”

“We all got in and wrote it together. We sat and faced each other and looked each other in the eye” said the band’s frontman Tim Burgess about how Jon Brooke’s death affected their creative process on the new song. As one of the most consistently productive act from Madchester scene, with 11 studio albums in total and a documentary titled Mountain Picnic Blues released last year, they have decided to move on and work out their new materials.

Just a day after their late drummer Jon Brooke’s 46th birthday, The Charlatans revealed a new single for their upcoming 12th album; Talking in Tones. This will be the first work after the heartbreaking death of Jon in 2013, yet the first LP after their latest release Who We Touch in 2010. “Jon was adamant that there was going to be another Charlatans record, and you have to put that into your own thoughts.” said keyboardist Tony Rogers, highlighting that the misery of losing that came to their career was just one of extra reminders of keep-on-going.

Unlike any other Charlatans’ Madchester tasted sound, Talking in Tones is nowhere near Indian Rope, North Country Boy or My Foolish Pride, it sounded more into synth-pop with jangly guitar and dark organ atmosphere looping together as a wrap to Tim Burgess’ voice. The lyric which is quite shadowing til the song ends, was inspired by Tim’s thought about telepathic lovers that came to his mind one day in London, as he explained on Stuart Maconie’s show at BBC6.

The single will be released in limited edition 7″ and featuring a remix from their label peer Grumbling Fur, with artwork design contributed by Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan. More details on the LP coming up next month. Now please enjoy the melancholy aura brought to you by Tim Burgess on Talking in Tones via The Quietus below. (Thakis)


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