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The 4 Andy Bell Written Oasis Songs Worth Listening To

I’m having a little fun with the title of this piece as Andy Bell really didn’t write many songs while in Oasis. Don’t take it too seriously, or even harshly.  When it comes to “all-time” cheese lists Andy ranks up there for me on guitar. Mostly because of his past work with Ride on the Nowhere and Going Blank Again albums. See below for an example:

What I like about Andy’s contribution is that it’s subtle. He brings songs that fill out the Oasis sound in that it’s not straight ahead power chords. They’re also very non-threatening in that they’re not Lyla, or some kind of Lennon love-fest as Liam loves to do. As a Ride fan I always noticed there’s always a little bit of that sound still sprinkled in the songs and that’s exactly what I hoped for when I learned Andy left that truly dreadful band Hurricane #1. I guess you could make a case that the later Ride sound and even Hurricane #1 were a bit like Oasis, actually I’m 100% positive on that last part, but I’m sure you understand that I hear a little “leave them all behind” in “turn up the sun”, right? You should. Here goes nothing..


Thank You For The Good Times

Turn Up The Sun

Keep The Dream Alive

Nature Of Reality