Pretty Green

Tell us how to feel about this New Coldplay Video

Well, here it is. The new coldplay video to hurts like heaven. This is a prequel to their planned six-part comic-book series, which shares the title of their album Mylo Xyloto. The six-part comic book series is scheduled to be released in early 2013 by Matt Groening’s imprint Bongo Comics Group.

The story plays out as the book’s pages are turned. The contents of the video is some kind of social uprising where a group of superheroes challenges the leader and flees from the militaristic police. They’re ultimately caught, but a glimmer of hope survives. I guess.

Do you like comics? Do you think this is a direction worth the band doing? I mean, does anyone watch video’s anymore? I guess we do because a million people watched this and if you’re a huge coldplay fan then yeah, you’ll eat this up. Maybe it’s just too early in the morning and my cuppa hasn’t kicked in quite yet to be fawning over anything.

You tell me what to feel here. What do you think?