Pretty Green

Tell me how you got into Shed Seven

The year was 1997 – the height of my Oasis infatuation – and I had heard Shed Seven being mentioned in a vast amount of articles that were written about Oasis at the time. Mostly in a derogatory fashion, sadly. It speaks to my nature and my want to understand “why” these writers felt the need to be so critical so I sought out Shed Seven albums. I wasn’t able to find any albums so I guess that served to feed my interest even more. I mean most every band I could find something on, but not these guys for some reason. I guess it was in a really cheesy way “fate” that led me to find the “Let it Ride” album released in 1998.

I saw it being featured in my local HMV and fucking FELL IN LOVE WITH PAUL BANKS HAIR off of that album cover of all things. Mostly out of jealously. I mean that is an impressive head of hair, right? To give you a frame of reference I had at this point been waiting 6 months or so to actually hear these guys out so I stood by the hmv listen wall for the WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM. These guys were getting a shot because of that wait. I mean I gave them the super of super listens and by the time I got to Stand up and be Counted I felt as if I had found the band I wanted noone else to know about. A truly joyus experience. I wanted this band to be mine and only mine. I suppose Stand up and be counted is the official “love” song but it really was that entire album and more likely She Left me on Friday. I went home that night and looked up Secret Sounds. It was this record shop that is not around anymore but somehow was forward thinking enough to sell cd’s online. A few days later Shed Seven’s maximum high album appeared on my doorstep and “around your house” was played about 15,000 times over the next year.

One thing I tend to not admit when making music is where I get ideas, but I’ll give one: Around your house’s guitar intro is one of the most influential guitar parts ever for me. Something about it’s combination of effects and choppy parts to lead into a song just blows me away. Here is a live version of it

take it away….

So that is my tell me yours. When did you get into shed seven?