Pretty Green

Tell me how you got into Kula Shaker

If you’re like me and the rest of the world you first heard about Kula Shaker on a mass scale with the song “Hey dude”. The guitar part from 20 seconds to 30 seconds was used repeatedly in adverts nearly everywhere. On MTV the video of the band going around various parts of London on top of a tour bus was memorable and really captured that “we’re british” thing that any anglophile will eat up. The Hey Dude video was just lo-fi to be lo-fi but just produced enough to appear produced and artistic. I loved it instantly. Many others did too.

Truth be told I had first saw the album being advertised on the back of (I think) a Rolling Stone magazine. I thought the advert was just so out there, so insane, and so wild that I had to listen to these guys. By the time I had got it home a light turned on and I said to myself “oh, it’s THOSE guys”.  The “K” album turned out to be full of hit after hit after fucking it. To me it was like Morning Glory all over again. Then Hush came out and was attached to the movie “I know what you did last summer”. From that moment Kula Shaker was officially huge.

Sadly their follow up named: Pigs, Pesants and Astronauts was not as widly accepted. As wikipedia says it’s more of a itchen sink album for whatever that means. To me it was a departure of their happy pop sound mixed with rock and psychedellic. Equating it to drug use it was more the time when you go sober and evaulate yourself for what you’ve done than the initial rush of joy that was where “K” lay. Although it was no less good it wasn’t K and Kula Shaker eventually split up. Mystical Machine Gun – the track above – was the one of the more shining moments on the album. Couldn’t they have written 9 more songs like that? So how about you? When did you hear about Kula Shaker?


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