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‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

Wow! Four, count ’em, FOUR Britpop bands released songs called ‘Butterfly’! Is Britain a land of lepidopterists? Are they all obsessed with the excellent William Wyler film, The Collector? Well, let’s give a listen to the four butterflies to see what they’re all about. Supergrass – Butterfly This is the final track on their last […]

‘Moving’: Suede vs. Supergrass

Suede – Moving ‘Moving’ is Suede’s punkiest outburst from their perfect 1993 debut. Between the barrage of Simon Gilbert’s drums, Bernard Butler’s amazingly spastic guitar, and Brett Anderson’s beautifully off-kilter caterwauling, ‘Moving’ is, well, just that. At just under three minutes, this song is a real bruiser. VS. Supergrass – Moving Supergrass’ song begins as […]

‘Time’: Supergrass vs. Marion

Supergrass – Time Amazingly, ‘Time’ was released as a double a-side with ‘Alright,’ the fifth single from Supergrass’ fantastic 1995 debut, I Should Coco. The blues swagger of its final single ended up being their breakout hit. Much of Supergrass’ songs exude a feeling of summer, and this one is no exception. It seems appropriate […]

‘Duchess’: Suede vs. Mansun vs. the Stranglers

Suede – Duchess ‘Duchess’ is a b-side from Suede’s thirteenth single, ‘Filmstar,’ released 11 August 1997. Singer Brett Anderson has listed this song amongst his least favorite Suede songs, but do you agree? The song opens with a ticking bass line and Anderson’s vocals pipe in as if emanating from a claustrophobic vacuum. Its minimalistic […]

‘Blue’: Elastica vs. The Verve vs. Monaco

Elastica – Blue The quintessential Britpop girls (and Justin Welch) explode with another punchy, angular post-punk blast of noise. It’s pretty, it’s dirty, it’s Elastica. VS. The Verve – Blue Wigan-based The verve have cornered the market on hazy, slightly mystic soundscapes. And this song is classic Verve. ‘Blue’ was the first single from their […]

‘Breakdown’ – Suede vs. Darktown Jubilee

‘Breakdown’ is a typically brooding number off of Suede’s brilliant debut. Like most of their songs, it’s atmospheric and aristocratic, building to a powerful crescendo. Does your love only come in a Volvo? VS Darktown Jubilee are a Manchester-based band formed in 2010. Their sound is more influenced by post-Britpop, with distinct shades of Coldplay […]

I Want You – Pulp vs. Shack

Pulp – I Want You Jarvis is never one to take love lightly. This song is one of the highlights of Pulp’s perfectly outlandish album, Freaks. This is the early album all Pulp fans should give another chance. ‘I Want You’ chronicles the besotted’s premature feelings, running the gamut of emotions, and the length of […]