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Britpop Bookshelf: Luke Haines’ Bad Vibes

Britpop Bookshelf: Luke Haines’ Bad Vibes

Love triangles. Band rivalries. Heroin heroin heroin. The Britpop era was fraught with the sort of drama that could satisfy any tabloid lover. While most of the juiciest stories have been heavily guarded by the bands themselves (or perhaps forgotten in a distant drug haze), Luke Haines dishes up a bit of delicious dirt in […]

‘Valet Parking’: The Auteurs vs. Super Furry Animals

Here are two songs called ‘Valet Parking’ to get your motor going. Which do you prefer? The chamber pop defiance of the Auteurs? Super Furry Animals’ psychedelic car song? The Auteurs Typically, the Auteurs’ song is rife with social commentary. He’s sick of parking cars, you see. ‘Valet Parking’ is from their spectacular debut, New […]

The Auteurs Album Review: How I Learned To Love The Bootboys

Glam bam, thank you, ma’am. How I Learned To Love The Bootboys, the Auteurs’ final studio album, made their transformation from brooding baroque pop to a sci-fi glam dream complete. A revealing lyric from Now I’m A Cowboy perfectly encapsulates their last hurrah. In ‘Chinese Bakery,’ frontman Luke Haines sang, ‘your future is just somebody’s […]

The Auteurs Album Review: After Murder Park

Twelve sumptuous tragedies bedevil the Auteurs’ quasi-concept album, After Murder Park, released in 1996. This darker, more caustic effort resulted from an accident that occurred while the Auteurs’ frontman, Luke Haines, was suffering from acute stress touring their previous album. The story goes that he decided to let destiny determine whether the tour would continue […]

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Reactions To Robbie Williams vs. Britpop

Earlier today, we covered what some have dubbed “Suedegate 2013” – an attack on ’90s indie bands (mostly Britpop groups) by Robbie Williams sparked by a comment by Suede’s Brett Anderson taken entirely out of context by the top-notch journalists at the Sun. Here I have compiled my favorite tweets from Britpop stars in reaction […]

Meet The Auteurs: 6 Songs

It never ceases to amaze how few people have heard the Auteurs. The release of their stellar debut album, New Wave, coincided with the burgeoning Britpop scene when the critically-acclaimed group was slated to be one of the major contenders. Quite mistakenly, the hype waned with the emergence of more poppy and accessible bands that […]

I Took A Showgirl For My Bride…

Whenever I read a Britpop retrospective, I rarely see the Auteurs included on the list. Hell, I didn’t even include them on my “Revisiting Britpop” piece for the Huffington Post. I fell in love with the Auteurs back in August and they’ve rarely left my iTunes/stereo/whatever since then. I’ll discuss them in depth at a […]