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Mock The Rockers: Spoofing Britpop on TV

Mock The Rockers: Spoofing Britpop on TV

Anything as full of distinct and outspoken personalities as Britpop is surely ripe for parody. Luckily, the fervor surrounding Britpop, with all its flash and fracas, coincided with some of the best British comedy shows of the ’90s. Naturally, the two were meant to meet for hilarity’s sake. Here are three of the best Britpop […]

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Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Many English songwriters have realized that the best way to strengthen international relations is to enter into a musical alliance. The obsession with all things Gallic is shared by many top Britpop bands, who have sought to add a little je ne sais quoi to the glitz of their pop song perfection.  The language of […]

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Fifteen Shades of Russell Senior

“I’ve got these mad staring eyes. At concerts people’d be dancing, but there’d be a pool of emptiness in front of me, with people looking terrified. I started wearing sunglasses so I wouldn’t disconcert people.” — Russell Senior Sunglasses are the apex of style accessories, representing the perfect fusion of utilitarianism and style. A swathe […]